Hi I'm Will

I'm a Data Science Engineer. I was born in 1992 and grew up in Virginia. After graduating High School, I went to Caltech where I graduated with both a Bachelor degree in Physics and Economics. After university, I went on to start a PhD [0] in black hole thermodynamics at the University of Maryland.

After a long soul-searching process I realized that academia was not the right path for my career, and decided to give Data Science a try. I joined Stripe's Data Science team in 2016 and have since gone one to focus on engineering, specifically improving the data-productivity of others across the company by building tools and pipelines.

Just after starting to work at Stripe, I met my wife Yumi. We live in Tokyo 🇯🇵which means fantastic food and lots of early morning meetings with the US.

[0] It was a lot of fun math. If interested, my last publication can be found here.

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